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Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Appraisal Corporation

Why use Asset Appraisal Corporation?

  • In many situations, it is essential that an independent, unbiased professional determine value including:
  • NEW LOANS and ASSET-BASED LENDING - A value must be determined to establish collateral requirements.
  • MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS - when buying or selling a business, a Fair Market Value must be determined including consideration of value for minority interests.
  • FINANCIAL PLANNING - For planning and funding future personal and business financial needs and meeting potential tax liabilities.
  • LITIGATION - Lender liability is the most common area where a valuation professional is required.
  • EMPLOYEE STOCK OPTION PLANS (ESOPS) - Closely-held businesses that offer ESOP plans require an annual valuation to meet IRS and ERISA requirements.
  • ESTATE, GIFT TAXES, and DONATIONS - A well-documented value is necessary to support reported information to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • DIVORCES - A fair and independent value which can be supported with testimony is essential to ensure settlement and distribution of community assets.
  • OTHER REASONS - Buy/sell agreements, fairness opinions, partnership dissolutions, leveraged buy outs, "squeeze out" mergers, bankruptcy proceedings, and insurance valuations.

Why have a professional appraisal?

Valuation is a complex and demanding field requiring training, experience, judgment, and continuing education.  The professional appraisal is able to keep abreast of changes in appraisal theory and techniques, markets, economics, legal procedures and rulings, as well as regulatory agency standards.  The professional appraiser is familiar with IRS valuation guidelines and the necessity of performing an appraisal to comply with applicable Revenue Rulings.

The professional appraiser will work closely with owners, attorneys, accountants, and other specialized appraisers in a team effort to prepare a valuation suitable for each situation.  This dedication yields accurate, defendable, cost effective service for the client.

Appraisers will develop replacement and/or reproduction cost, market values, and liquidation values.  They provide estimates determining effective age and future residual values to the leasing, financial, and accounting markets.

If the valuation is challenged, the professional appraiser will be experienced and capable of providing expert witness testimony.  They will provide a knowledgeable "third-party" viewpoint for the court to use in rendering decisions.

AAC provides accurate appraisals across diverse industries and sectors from which you can base your business planning  and financial decisions.  We are ASA-accredited and trusted valuations experts with a reputation backed by decades of experience This guarantees the highest standards of integrity and ethics in our practice and, most importantly, objectivity in our value assessments.  We provide an extensive range of appraisals and consultations based on our comprehensive market and industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and superior customer service. 

We have built strong relations with clients including multinationals, leading banks, businesses, and insurance underwriters, based on the objective compilation of asset appraisals.  AAC not only offers furniture, trade fixtures, machinery, equipment and inventory appraisal services, we also offer complete business valuations, as well as asset management in the forms of collateral control, liquidation services, security and consulting, etc. 

You can trust our appraisal advice when making important business decisions.  Our experience in the industry makes it possible to determine the right valuation approach for your needs.  Whether you seek valuations for a single item or an entire plant, we will fulfill all your appraisal needs.

Why have an appraisal?